Team Competence Development

Managers have the greatest impact on the development of employee competencies. Some people believe that the term “development” primarily refers to actions taken by the HR Department, especially training. It’s time to dispel this myth and face the truth. Our workshops will be dedicated to this new perspective on development.

Training outcomes for participants:
After implementing the knowledge and skills acquired during the training, participants will apply various methods and techniques to develop the competencies of their employees, depending on their skill level and engagement.

Training outcomes for the organization:
The managerial staff is capable of guiding the entire employee development process, preparing them for participation in training, ensuring the growth of necessary competencies, and facilitating the transfer of new knowledge and skills to the job position.

Training Program:
  • Situational leadership model
  • Employee development methods at the beginning of their journey
  • Stages of learning
  • The role of the manager in the training process
  • Introduction to managerial coaching
  • Managing employees with high competencies

Training Methods

simulation, film, case study, discussion, presentation

Training Duration  16 hours

Training Format  stationary training, online training

Training date

To be announced soon

Training format: Online

Training price: 1800 PLN net