Online Presentation Mastery

In recent years, online presentations have become a crucial part of organizational meetings. Many employees tend to view online presentations as mere notes and often limit their role to reading the text from the PowerPoint slides. This training focuses on changing the approach to delivering information, results, and all types of data during presentations, aiming to also captivate the interest of the audience.

Training outcomes for participants:
After implementing the knowledge and skills developed during the training, participants will be able to prepare informative online presentations. They will employ a minimalist approach to visualization and present individual data, facts, or numbers in a clear and understandable manner for the audience.

Training outcomes for the organization:
As a result of this training, the organization will experience an increase in the number of effective online presentations. During these presentations, the audience will receive the necessary information presented in a clear and engaging manner.

Training Program:
  • Errors in Online Presentations
  • Structures of Informational Presentations
  • Attention-Focusing Techniques
  • Online Presentation Techniques
  • Data Visualization: How to Prevent Your Presentation from Being a Report Clone?

Training Methods

simulation, case study, discussion, quiz, presentation

Training Duration 16 hours

Training Format  online training

Training date

To be announced soon.

Training format Online  training

Training price 900 PLN net