Managerial Onboarding

This training is dedicated to managers and leaders who are taking their first steps in management. We propose managerial onboarding because we believe that not only new employees in an organization need support at the beginning of their careers. Newly appointed managers should not learn through trial and error, or at least their team should not be the experimental subjects. Hence the idea of managerial onboarding, where participants can test techniques in a safe environment, helping them gain confidence in their new role.

Training outcomes for participants:
Merely participating in the training will not bring about changes in management quality. However, if participants implement the skills acquired during the training, they will gain greater self-assurance in their team interactions, avoid micromanagement, and find it easier to achieve their set goals.

Training outcomes for the organization:
Facilitating the participation of new managers in the training should result in their effective transition into leadership roles, leading to faster achievement of business goals.

Workshop Program:
  • The Manager’s Role
  • Planning and Organizing Team Work
  • Delegating Tasks
  • Monitoring Task Execution
  • Building a Motivating Work Environment
  • Handling Difficult Situations in Management

Training Methods

simulation – video camera work, case study, discussion, quiz, presentation

Training Duration  16 hours

Training Format  stationary training , online training

Training date

To be announced soon.

Training format Online training

Training price 1800 PLN net