HR Solutions

01 Standardizing the recruitment and selection process in the organization

We propose developing process standards for companies or teams that are focused on both recruiting the right employees and building a positive employer brand among potential candidates.

Examples of activities in this area:
  • Assessing the current recruitment process
  • Developing process standard
  • Piloting the solution
  • Training managerial staff and individuals conducting recruitment and selection
  • Preparing tools and materials helpful throughout the process
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of individual stages and the overall process

02 Developing an adaptive onboarding program for employees/teams

The outcome of implementing a formal onboarding program or modifying an existing one should be a reduction in turnover within the organization and faster goal achievement by new employees.

Examples of activities in this area:
  • Assessing the current adaptation process: Conducting a study of the existing onboarding process, including analysing turnover rates, survey results, and conducting interviews with employees who have left within the first year and those who have remained in the organization
  • Developing a standardized onboarding program or modifying the existing one
  • Designating formal mentors for newly hired employees
  • Proposing appropriate synchronous and asynchronous learning activities
  • Preparing managerial staff for onboarding facilitation
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the onboarding program

03 Evaluating the effectiveness of HR processes and projects

We support HR teams in conducting comprehensive evaluations of developmental projects, which in turn helps to build a professional image as a strategic partner in the eyes of the management.

Examples of activities in this area:
  • Selecting a five-level evaluation program
  • Planning the evaluation process:
  • Data collection
  • Developing and presenting the report
  • Preparing employees for future projects

04 Developing a high-potential employee program

Implementing a high-potential employee program can have a significant impact on increasing employee engagement and fostering a positive perception of the company as a place for realizing their ambitions and talents. In designing these programs, we consider not only employees with managerial potential but also those with expert potential.

Examples of activities in this area:
  • Assessing organizational needs for succession planning
  • Developing a detailed developmental and implementation program
  • Evaluating employees’ potential
  • Preparing mentors and mentees
  • Development of a detailed development and implementation program
  • Evaluating program effectiveness and calculating ROI

05 Developing a formal performance evaluation system

To evaluate or not to evaluate? That is the question. Despite some criticism directed towards formal performance evaluations, it remains an important tool for supporting development planning and human capital management.

Examples of activities in this area:
  • Establishing goals for the formal performance evaluation
  • Developing criteria, scales, and procedures
  • Preparing managers for conducting performance review appraisals
  • Preparing employees for the appraisal process
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the performance evaluation process implementation
  • Implementing a 360-degree evaluation

06 Employee development management in an organization

We support HR departments or organizations that do not have their own teams dedicated to human capital development. We develop solutions that facilitate the implementation of various development initiatives within the company.

Examples of activities in this area:
  • Diagnosis of development and training needs
  • Development of on-the-job learning models
  • Planning and implementing coaching and mentoring processes
  • Building succession programs and preparing successors
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of development processes

07 HR Support

This is a proposition for organizations that may not see the need or possibility of having a full-time HR team. We offer an external, experienced HR team that will support the organization in achieving its business goals.

Examples of activities in this area:
  • Recruitment and selection of employees
  • Training needs assessment
  • Conducting training in social skills
  • Employee onboarding
  • Implementation of formal performance evaluations
  • Conducting exit interviews

These are just a few examples of  services that come to mind here 😊

08 Developing a Competency Model

We provide guidance and assistance in developing a competency model tailored to the needs of the organization. The competency model serves as a foundation for various HR processes such as recruitment and selection, employee development, career path planning, and performance evaluation.

Examples of activities in this area:
  • Understanding the company’s specific requirements and expectations related to the competency model
  • Collaborative development of a competency  model in cooperation with a team appointed by the organization
  • Piloting the competency model
  • Implementing the competency model