Team Management – Managerial Competencies

Managers often share stories about their first moments in their new roles, and they are usually not pleasant memories: chaos, stress, a sense that “something is not right,” “it wasn’t supposed to be like this,” and overall lack of support. Organizations often offer onboarding, mentorship, or guidance to new employees, but rarely do they consider newly promoted managers. Why? The assumption  that is often made is that since it is an internal promotion, the employee knows the organization, the team, and the organizational culture, so why would they need assistance? This assumption leads managers to try  and find their way in their new roles through trial and error. However, the problem is that these attempts occur on a living organism, namely the team. It is somewhat similar  to a surgeon performing their first surgery without any support from a more experienced colleague. Unfortunately, team management skills are often seen as something that can be developed later.

Furthermore, some organizations may further burden their managers by expecting them to become leaders who will inspire millions. So, what can we offer managers in this situation? In my opinion, managerial onboarding, which focuses on developing fundamental competencies that will facilitate their entry into the new role. What areas should therefore be included in an exemplary training program?


dr Małgorzata Mitoraj-Jaroszek