About Us

We offer our clients comprehensive solutions, starting from business needs analysis to evaluating outcomes. We work closely with our clients to make decisions, solve problems, and support the implementation of solutions. We assist in the development of both employees and organizations. What is crucial for us are behavioural changes, job performance improvements, and business results.

Our mission
We help employees and organizations acquire knowledge, enhance skills, and solve specific problems to achieve their desired goals.

Our Values

Holistic Approach to Development – We believe that development efforts make sense when approached as a process of change. This means that training treated as an incident can only bring limited value to the organization. Therefore, we propose various types of support to our clients to reinforce the changes introduced by the training.

Practical Application -We offer real-life solutions and present them to participants in the form of exercises, so they can almost immediately apply them in their work.

Trust-Based Collaboration  – We constantly work on building trust with our clients, which is why feedback is so important to us. It helps us improve. We have the courage to say “I don’t know”.

Evidence-Based Solutions – We propose solutions that have been researched, verified, and if there is no evidence to confirm a particular phenomenon, we address it directly.

They trusted us:

The Team

Dr. Małgorzata Mitoraj-Jaroszek
Dr. Małgorzata Mitoraj-Jaroszek
trainer, coach, mentor, owner of T4D (Training for Development) - ROI Institute Poland.

Dr. Małgorzata Mitoraj-Jaroszek is a trainer, coach, mentor, and the owner of T4D (Training for Development) – ROI Institute Poland. With over 20 years of experience in management, she has held various roles throughout her career. She has served as a CEO and HR director in a trading company, a rector of a higher education institution, an HR expert in a manufacturing company, a trainer, a consultant in ROI methodology, and Harrison Assessments.

She has written two books, “Managing Employee Development – Comprehensive and Practical Approach” and “Effective Employee Development Management in the Company – Results Above All.” Driven by her passion for competency development within organizations, she focuses on building long-term relationships with clients based on openness, respect, honesty, and a sense of humour. She avoids training incidents (“training for the sake of training”) and actively engages in development processes.

Dr. Agata Anacik-Kryza
Dr. Agata Anacik-Kryza
trainer, researcher, consultant

Dr. Agata Anacik-Kryza is a trainer, researcher, and consultant. She specializes in marketing research, social research, and organizational research. She is a lecturer and assistant professor at the Tischner European University in Krakow. As a trainer, she conducts workshops on research methodology, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and other related topics.

Dr. Anacik-Kryza serves as an expert and consultant on research projects in interdisciplinary fields such as education, public policy, inclusive design, and diversity management. She holds a Ph.D. in Social Sciences, with a specialization in Sociology, from the Institute of Sociology at Jagiellonian University. She also has a background in ethnology and cultural anthropology. She combines her academic and research interests with expert knowledge and professional competencies in project management and research team coordination.

Dr. Grazyna Urbanik
Dr. Grazyna Urbanik
trainer, coach, consultant

Dr. Grażyna Urbanik is a trainer, coach, and consultant. She has experience in management in various industries, including manufacturing, IT, and education. Her roles have involved HR management, training department management, project implementation, and designing educational and training programs. She has also served as the Deputy Dean of the Management department.

Dr. Urbanik conducts training sessions in both Polish and English, with over 6,000 training hours to her credit. She specializes in team coaching, action learning, and individual coaching sessions. She has developed development programs in both Polish and English languages.

She holds a Trainer’s Certificate awarded by Thames Valley University and a Systemic Consulting Certificate from Advisio. She has completed coaching programs at the Merlin Atkinson Coaching School and Coaching Lab for team coaching. Additionally, she has received training from the Business School in Munich and Aalborg University in Denmark.

Marzena Zielinska
Marzena Zielinska
trainer, coach

Marzena Zielińska is a trainer and coach with over 20 years of experience working in various corporate roles before dedicating herself to supporting businesses as a coach and trainer. She has gained valuable expertise and certifications along her journey, which she has put into practice while managing diverse teams of approximately 800 people. Marzena believes that to be a successful coach or trainer, one should not provide advice to others. Instead, she believes in empowering clients to unlock their own potential. She demonstrates this approach during business coaching sessions and training programs for personnel at all levels.

Throughout her career, Marzena has gained practical experience as a client advisor, branch director at a bank, and macro-regional sales manager for investment and savings products. Her diverse background has equipped her with valuable insights into the business world and enables her to connect with individuals at all levels of an organization.

Andrew Butra
Andrew Butra
trainer, coach, mentor

Andrzej Butra is a trainer, coach, and mentor with extensive experience in managing sales teams, developing markets in Central and Eastern Europe, delivering training sessions, coaching, mentoring, conducting product and methodological presentations for a wide range of audiences in international markets. He has implemented quality assurance systems in the field of education and has overseen international professional and language exams.

Andrzej has gained experience in various roles, including consultant, presenter, internal trainer, coach, mentor, language examiner, regional manager, direct promotion director, development and training director, market development manager for Central and Eastern Europe, management consulting manager, workplace change manager, and Harrison Assessment debriefer. His diverse background has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of businesses and enables him to effectively support individuals and organizations in their development journeys.

Malgorzata Urbanik-Dłużewska
Malgorzata Urbanik-Dłużewska
trainer, supervisor, manager

Małgorzata Urbanik-Dłużewska is a trainer, supervisor, and manager specializing in training and development projects. With over 20 years of experience, she has conducted more than 1800 training days in the areas of Managerial competencies, sales, customer service, training, and interpersonal skills. She has expertise in designing and implementing HR projects, including policies, procedures, processes, and HR tools such as competency models, job descriptions, performance evaluations, recruitment and selection, and goal management.

Małgorzata has worked on training projects for various organizations, including Bank PKO BP, Bank Zachodni WBK, Bayer, Credit Agricole Bank Polska, Canpak, Dębica, GlaxoSmithKline, Jacobs, KAS, Nederman Manufacturing Polska, Orange Polska, PZU, Tauron Dystrybucja, TE Connectivity, and the Marshal’s Office of the Lesser Poland Region. Her experience and expertise have contributed to the successful implementation of training initiatives and development programs for these organizations.

Jolanta Skwierawska
Jolanta Skwierawska
trainer, psychologist, psychotherapist

Jolanta Skwierawska is an experienced trainer, psychologist, and psychotherapist. She has been conducting training since 2002. Her areas of expertise include interpersonal skills development, effective communication, public speaking, training design and delivery methodology, employee management,  as well as  stress management and resilience. She often focuses on teaching these subjects during her training sessions. Additionally, she provides coaching sessions for managerial staff.

Jolanta holds a degree in psychology and is also trained as a psychotherapist. Providing psychological assistance and therapy is another area of her professional work. She has been collaborating with the Tischner European University in Krakow, where she leads classes in postgraduate studies. Apart from her professional pursuits, she has a keen interest in art, particularly in ceramics. Currently, she is learning pottery and creating clay decorations, bowls, plates, and other items.


William J. Rothwell, Ph.D., SPHR, is the president of two consulting firms: Rothwell & Associates, Inc. and Rothwell & Associates, LLC, specializing in consulting with a focus on succession planning, talent management, and other human resource issues. He is an international authority in the areas of succession planning, talent management, and related human resource matters.

William J. Rothwell is also a retired professor from the Department of Human Resource Development at University Park Pennsylvania State University. He directed the top-ranked human resource development program in the United States.

He has consulted for over 50 international firms, including Motorola University China, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Siemens, Sony, GM Shanghai, Phillips, Erickson, and HP.

Since 1987, he has published 130 books, edited 24 works in various publishing series, authored 185 chapters in books, and written 74 scholarly research articles. Some of his books have been translated into Korean, Chinese, Polish, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian.

Dr. Rothwell’s latest publications (since 2020) include: “Succession Planning for Small Business and Family Business,” “Rethinking Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,” “High-Performance Coaching for Managers,” “Organization Development (OD) Interventions: Executing Effective Organizational Change,” “Virtual Coaching to Improve Group Relationships: Process Consultation Reimagined,” “Adult Learning Basics 2nd ed.,” “Increasing Learning and Development’s Impact Through Accreditation,” “The Essential HR Guide for Small Businesses and Startups,” and “Workforce Development: Guidelines for Community College Professionals, 2nd ed.”